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English to Ned Flanders

What is Flanderspeak?  Flanderspeak (\ˈflan-dərspēk\) is the colliquial discourse utilized by Ned Flanders of The Simpsons, and some different individuals from the Flanders group. It is described by steady infixation and prefixation of words like "diddly", "dadily" and "noodly". A few scenes fo The Simpsons appear to imply that Flanderspeak might be a tongue, or even a language in itself. Diddly  The most notable of Ned Flanders' sayings is his utilization of "diddly" as an infix which cuts a customary English word into two sections - referred to etymologists as "tmesis". Take the accompanying sentence, for instance: > Wel-diddly-elcome, neighborino!  Here, "welcome" has been sliced down the middle by "diddly". At whatever point Flanders does this, he embeds the infix soon after the accentuated syllable in the word (which is "wel" for this situation). Fascinating, Flanders shar