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Taking the Gloves Off - Let's Box Out Autism

Autism spectrum disorder affects 1 out of 110 children, and does not end with the commencement of adulthood. While the diagnosis of this neurobehavioral disorder is typically made in early childhood, it is generally expected to last an entire lifetime. Autism is characterised by communication issues, including delay in speech and language development. Sustaining conversations will also prove to be a difficult task for an Autistic individual. Repetition of words and phrases or even movements is also typical. On a social level, emotional responsiveness is often non-existent, which leads to a solitary life, as it is not common for the Autistic individual to deliberately seek out and maintain friendships. Sleepless in Sleepytown Since Autism has been categorised as a neurological disorder, sleep patterns are often negatively affected. Based on this aspect of the disorder, the individual with Autism does not get the appropriate amount of sleep, nor does the caregiver. Inevitably, this