How the Web Design Leicester Process Works

How the Web Design Leicester Process Works
Perhaps they started off with a self-designed site that no longer meets their needs, or they want to redesign and old site that looks and works out-of-date. For these reasons, companies hire Web Design Leicester professionals to overhaul their sites or start a new design from scratch. If you are one of these companies you may be wondering how the web design process works, and what you need to do in order to get the website you want. If you previously designed your own site with the help of a web design library or free software then the thought of contacting a professional designer can be daunting. Here we give you some ideas about how the web design process works and what to expect from professional design input.

Firstly, once you have chosen your design firm, you will have a consultation together where you, the client, and the designers meet to establish what you need and want from your new site. In this consultation you need to be proactive and speak about your needs – without your creative input the design team will find it more difficult to give you what you want and you are more likely to be dissatisfied. If you need a technical website then the consultation phase is where the designers describe how technical elements can be worked out and what timeframe is needed to put them in place.

We work closely with you to develop a detailed specification addressing business and web design objectives to ensure your project is a success. Netready designs and develops websites using a variety of the latest technology and software, ensuring you receive the solution most appropriate to your needs. Throughout the web design and development process, the project is viewable in a dedicated area online.

Whether you have a website that needs new web design or additional features, or have yet to develop a web presence, netready can help you along every step of the way to give your company the image it deserves.
We want to try and ensure that our communications are the best that they can be. Completing a briefing form will enable us to better understand your requirements and work with you on the best possible communications solution. We are working in collaboration with Print Services and the Web and Marketing Communication teams to maximize the wealth of communication channels available to you so that your messages are broadcast as effectively as possible.

Once the initial consultation is completed and the contract or brief is drawn up then the design team will create a mock-up of the web solution that best meets your needs. You need to look at this initial design and give your feedback. It is important to tell the designers if you feel the site misses the mark, or if you were thinking of something different. Small changes are less important, such as the size of a font or the placing of an image, but the big changes need to be talked about. Be receptive to the ideas of the design team but also assert your views if you feel you are not getting what you need. Once you are happy with the design you will sign-off on it and approve the web developers to build the site. This step in the process takes place with great attention to detail and at the end of the process you should have a working site that is almost exactly the same as the blueprint that was approved by you. You will then be trained by the web designers in how to update the site using the CMS system. You will have access to a user manual for reference in the future, and many designers also provide support on an on-going basis if you have problems maintaining your new website.

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