Small text generator

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Small text generator

Unicode is a worldwide textual character detail that has been gotten by a long shot the greater part of the world's PC industry. Unicode decides in excess of 120,000 pictures, yet right now most projects and textual styles simply help a subset of this (anyway support is ceaselessly creating).

It should be seen that the small text you're seeing above is certifiably not a textual style. It's all in a comparable text style, anyway novel character sets are used. Unicode shows various odd letter sets that can be copy and stuck into Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter, etc posts and profiles. These small text letter sets are just two or three the all together picture sets contained in Unicode.

Small Caps:



Capital letter:

Lower case:


As you may have seen, a couple of letters don't generally change over suitably. This is essentially in light of the way that the letters all together for subscript and superscript don't generally exist as an authentic letters all together in unicode. They're a sort of "pseudo-letters all together" in that the characters were dealt with from various Unicode squares. The "small tops" (small capital letters) letter set is for all intents and purposes an all out letters all together in Unicode so there's a proportionate small promoted character for each common character of the letter set (anyway the character for "f" is to some degree odd).

While building this small text generator, I could simply work with the text pictures that are given by Unicode, so until Unicode truly joins a full game plan of small subscript and superscipt text pictures I can't fix this issue. In case you find a picture which appears as though one of the non-translated characters, if it's not all that much inconvenience let me know and I'll put it in the generator so everyone can benefit by it. We're not far from having an all out set and having the ability to authentically change over text into it's smaller than anticipated partners! :D

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