Horisontally Mirroring Text

Horisontally Mirroring Text

This interpreter works by first turning around the heading of your characters, and afterward attempting to exclusively discover a unicode character which best switched variant of every one of the characters that you type. Lamentably there aren't reflected characters for each letter and number, however there are some vauguely comparative ones which are utilized to fill the holes.

On the off chance that you discover a unicode character which better speaks to a letter or number, at that point please placed it in the proposals box! Much obliged :)

In the event that you don't need the individual letters to flip, yet rather simply need the content to turn around its heading, at that point there's another interpreter called "Content Reverser" which can assist you with that.

Leonardo da Vinci's Mirrored Writing

Leonardo da Vinci's penmanship was reflected in a considerable lot of his note pads as a light type of cryptography which would keep individuals from having the capacity to peruse his thoughts while strolling by, or with just a snappy look.

Another intriguing use instance of content with a switched heading is on account of some crisis vehicles like ambulances:

switch message on rescue vehicle

This is done as such that when the content is taken a gander at through a mirror, it shows up

Once more, on the off chance that you have any proposals, it would be ideal if you placed them in the recommendations box :) Thanks for utilizing my interpreter!

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